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Loading SWF, MP3, JPEG, GIF, PNG, FLV, and XML files from other domains

When an attempt is made to load content into a SWF file at runtime, the request is subject to the Flash Player security model, which is in place to protect users and website owners. As part of this model, Flash Player by default prevents cross-domain loading of data.

Adobe offers several solutions of this problem, but all of them are complicated for a common user and have differencies in different Adobe Flash versions. Therefore we offer a simple solution of this task which is a PHP file which you simply have time put on your site and use it getting content from other domains.


get Cross-Domain Content - Simple example of use

We use loadMovie() function for loading JPEG file from other domain.

loadMovie("", "yourTarget", "yourMetod");

URL parameter - path to your removed contents.


get Cross-Domain Content PHP file

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