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TOTAL PIC FLASH MENU ( Drop down menu / Accordion menu / Multi-column menu )

Total pic menu - universal flash menu tool where you can customize practically any parameter (for each button it is possible to choose a three images: "flash buttons image, on rollover flash buttons image, on click flash buttons image" and make own width). Parameters of the sub menu buttons can be customized independently of the main menu buttons. You will also appreciate simplicity of the "Total pic menu": it takes changing only one parameter to turn a horizontal menu into a vertical accordion menu one or drop down menu type to sliding!


XML driven menu (SWF object) info

The XML driven flash menu (SWF object) is a ready-to-use SWF file that you simply integrate into your HTML page. We have developed the object for users who do not have Macromedia Flash. The object cannot be controlled with ActionScript. It can set up only through an XML file.

Flash menu free download:
Menu will display a small ad (on rollover).
BUY NOW ( Sale price ):
Flash SWF object + BONUS (FLA file)
Flash menu tutorial:
Learn how to use the SWF object.

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Online demos

Total pic flash menu ( Drop down menu / Accordion menu / Multi-column menu ) demos



  • Horizontal drop down menu, sliding, vertical accordion menu or multi-column menu types
  • One level sub menu
  • Unlimited text length
  • Unlimited amount of main and one level sub buttons
  • Any font* (without smoothing!)
  • Special symbols support
  • Color menu settings including transparency levels
    • Text color, rollover text color, press text color
    • Text shadow color
  • Dynamic loading button images
    • Button image
    • On rollover button image
    • On click button image
  • Load new kinds of image files at runtime (swf, progressive JPEG images, non-animated GIF and PNG files)
  • Independent button images for each main and sub menus buttons
  • Independent button width for each button
  • Setting main and sub menus' appearance
    • Buttons height
    • Text shadow on/off
    • Text shadow distance
    • After click remains selected on/off (for main menu)
    • On click or roll over expands submenu
    • Drop down speeds (for sub menu)
    • Text indent
    • Text size
    • Horizontal text align
    • Vertical text align
  • Custom buttons actions
    • getUrl
    • loadMovie
    • gotoAndStop
    • gotoAndPlay
    • Your click handler with transfer of parameter
  • Import background pictures
  • Import button sounds
  • Button sounds volume
  • Easy to use
  • Small file sizes (less than 16 KB including XML configuration file)

* Font is included in library of fla file (full version). It is possible to replace it with any another font.
Start Macromedia flash MX 2004 -> Open library in a fla file -> Double click on the embed pixelfont and choose any other font.

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