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Total flash news builder - universal flash news tool where you can customize practically any parameter. Flash extension "Total News EXT" can be used as news, the catalogue of the goods, top and as many other things. In our flash extension all used texts support html formatting and you can achieve any desirable effect. Take advantage of our flash extension and you will see that the quantity html pages in your site will appreciablly decrease.


XML driven menu (SWF object) info

The XML driven flash menu (SWF object) is a ready-to-use SWF file that you simply integrate into your HTML page. We have developed the object for users who do not have Macromedia Flash. The object cannot be controlled with ActionScript. It can set up only through an XML file.

Flash news builder download:
You can download free and paid versions.
Flash news builder tutorial:
Learn how to use this component.



  • Unlimited text length
  • HTML formated text
  • You can insert gif, jpeg, png and swf in the any news texts
  • Any font
  • Special symbols support
  • Color news settings including transparency levels
    • Background color
    • Background gradient colors
    • Border color
    • Colors for different part of the general scrollbar
  • Independent color settings for header and main part of the news block
  • Setting news' appearance
    • Header height
    • Round corners radius
    • Content indent
    • Distance between news
  • Parts of the news bloks
    • Header label
    • First small image
    • First small image align
    • First small image border
    • First small text
    • Second big text
    • "Read more ..." button label
    • "Back" button label
  • You can disable/enable any part of the news block
  • Import background pictures
  • Easy to use
  • Small file sizes (less than 16 KB including XML configuration file)

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