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TOTAL FLASH MOUSE (exclusive mouse event listener)

We are offering you a Total Mouse flash component - processing practically all events of the mouse. You can simply drag and drop the Total Mouse flash component from the Components panel on a movie clip and set names of the functions which will work on various events.
Our flash component include five exclusive events: onDoubleClick, onMiddleClick, onRightClick, onWheelUp, onWheelDown + 10 standart events.


Flash Component info

Flash Component - is a standard extension for Macromedia Flash MX2004, Flash 8, Flash CS3 and Flash CS4 (ActionScript 2.0). You simply install the MXP file and then you just drag & drop the extension from the Components panel onto the scene of your movie. All parameters can be modified in a really easy to use interface (Custom UI). Also, component can operate with external XML file.

Flash mouse listener download:
You can download free and paid versions.
Flash mouse listener tutorial:
Learn how to use this component.



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