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Our flash buttons are very easy to use. You can easly drag and drop the buttons from the library and configure the button settings in a few mouse clicks. You can configure the glow effect, rollover HQ effect (with video quality), different color settings, transparency and many other parameters. Used flash effects have an alpha channel, so our button can be used on any background. And it's not all of the unique capabilities of our flash buttons! These buttons are compatible with Adobe Flash 8, Flash CS3 and Flash CS4.

In addition to the incredible flash effects, you can create groups of buttons that will work as a menu. Also, inside the buttons you can use dynamic content (clips from the library or external images) with the alpha channel support.

Finally, you can add the dynamic reflection (with minimal CPU usage!) which you can configure for yourself.


Online demos

Flash buttons with effects demos


Flash Component info

Flash Component - is a standard extension for Adobe Flash 8, CS3, CS4 and Flash CS5 (ActionScript 2.0). You simply install the MXP file and then you just drag & drop the extension library onto the scene of your movie. All parameters can be modified in the Properties -> Parameters panel or in the Component Inspector panel.

Flash buttons free download:
Full functional button with FX #6.
BUY NOW ( Sale price ):
Flash component + BONUS
Flash buttons tutorial:
Learn how to use the component.

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  • Stage auto position
  • Colors adjustments
  • Customizable glow effect
  • Customizable rollover HQ visual effects
  • Customizable reflection effect
  • RollOver scale effects
  • RollOver X and Y offsets
  • Customizable button label
  • Embeded font (anti-alias) or device fonts (non anti-alias)
  • Dynamic button BG content
  • Button action types: get URL or Execute function
  • Menu group name (combines several buttons)
  • Selected by default
  • Stay selected
  • RollOver sound effects
  • Full compatibility buttons with different effects
  • Support Flash player 8, 9, 10
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